21st June 2018 - Truro
Becoming Superhuman: A Road Map To Optimal Health & Happiness
[PRIMAL LIFE EVENT] Join me for an unforgettable evening in Bristol city centre as we pull upon the best of neuroscience, biology, anthropology and psychology to explain the reasons behind why we feel the way that we do, but more importantly how everyone of us can become superhuman. Whether you're new to these subjects or have an extensive scientific background, the topics discussed in this talk are digestible, fun and invaluable for everyone.
6.45pm - 9pm @ Carnon Downs (nr Truro), Cornwall | TICKETS £8.45 
8th July 2018 - Plymouth
Think Yourself Thin: The Secret Psychology Behind Sustainable Weight Loss
[PRIMAL LIFE EVENT] It’s no secret that the way to lose weight is through eating better and moving more.
So why is it that even when we know this we still struggle to make a transformation?  It’s because eating better and moving more only represents 20% of the equation when it comes to sustainable weight loss - The other 80% is our psychology. In this engaging morning workshop with health coach Lester Savage you will discover the real reasons why weight loss hasn’t worked in the past, but more importantly what you can do to start seeing instant and sustainable change effortlessly. 
9.30am - 1.30pm @ Park Lane Clinic , 34 Mutley Plain, Plymouth, PL4 6LD | TICKETS £25
22nd July 2018 - Plymouth
Primal Life Summit: Exploring What It Means To Be Human
[PRIMAL LIFE EVENT] The Primal Life Summit brings together the knowledge, experience and philosophies of an expert panel to provide in-depth insights into neuroscience, genetics, relationships, anthropology, health & wellbeing, biohacking, psychology and spirituality. Finally we can get some answers to the question we've been asking ourselves since our earliest days in childhood to our latest years as adults... 'Why?'
10am - 4.30pm @ Duke Of Cornwall Hotel, Millbay Road, Plymouth, PL1 3LG | TICKETS £35 
30th September 2018 - Plymouth
The Caveman Within: Ancestral Health
[3RD PARTY EVENT] Part of the Mind Spirit Body Fair.
Join me for an unforgettable talk in Plymouth discussing how our caveman ancestors experienced a feeling that's now not found in 1 in 3 of us! However, we don’t need to return to a primitive style of living to also experience this feeling, same natural energy, mental clarity and abundance of joy they experienced. By making small lifestyle changes and working within the correct evolutionary parameters we can begin to produce a consistent flow of these neurotransmitters too.
The Woolwell Centre, Dark Lake Lane, Plymouth, PL6 7TR | FREE TICKETS
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